YouTube Ends Copyright Abuse – H3 Podcast #135

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  1. To people saying that it was weird for Ethan to have sympathy for Mary in that part with the dog lady: The point was that the dog lady was acting like a scooter person but without the scooter so she had less of an excuse to be like that

  2. Best thing from Arby's is their Chicken Bacon Swiss. I get it with no veggies because that's how the sandwich was a few years ago until they changed it. I think that Chicken sandwich is really good. I don't go near the sandwiches you're showing. Plus, if you get a good curly fry with some arby's sauce that's some solid stuff man! Also, their sliders that you're showing are their dollar menu stuff.

  3. There used to be this really sweet lady who lived near me and she used to be a greeter at the local Walmart and I used to always see her driving home on her scooter after her shift. After Walmart got rid of their greeters, we never really saw her. But I did see her for the first time in like a year a couple days ago and idk why but I felt really happy to see she was okay.

  4. Someone has to defend Arby's. I feel like Ethan has never been there. I'm definitely the kind of person who would hate something without even experiencing it, and this use to be the case with me and Arby's. But then I had to actually go there, and I enjoyed the sandwich I had. It was a French Dip. It was fuckin' good! I've been back a few times, and the only thing on the Arby's menu that actually resembles fast food are the fries. And the deserts ig. But the sandwiches are great, I've never had one I didn't like. The gyros are amazing, they're my favorite. And they're definitely not like prepackaged deli meats, if you go in you can see them slicing the beef to order. And to refute the "white trash" argument, Arby's is like the most expensive fast food restaurant you can go to. So suck my dick, Ethan, talk shit on Arby's after you've actually eaten there! Btw, the meat carrot ad is obviously a joke.


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