YouTube Demonetizes Every Kids Video – H3 Podcast #141

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  1. As a long time fan of the H3 podcast, this episode was very underwhelming. I understand 2 episodes a week is hard to maintain but you made a commitment to your nation. From the jump the flow was off, the jokes were forced, Ethan seeming totally dejected & not caring what others think, to the technical difficulties that all come with a live show were very prevalent. Realistically Hila, Dan, Ian, and Zach carried this whole episode. I pray next week our lord fupus maximus returns with that quality shit we love to consume!!

  2. 25:10 Ethan is right, Philly D doesn’t give his opinions and while at the same time framing some stories in his opinion. Not that that’s exactly what Ethan was trying to say but, when it comes to difficult topics he dodges the responsibility of taking a side.

  3. I don’t even care for Kanye very much, I dislike as many songs as I love from him so I’m ok with his music but I’m not necessarily a fan, and i definitely don’t enjoy his personality very much, but I agree with Ian, I have to defend him here, he was clearly just scratching then getting something off his tongue, probably his wife’s hair or debris that got on his lips or tongue from the wind, it’s so obvious, and I get Ethan’s argument, but it’s far fetched in this case……

  4. The amount of kids channels I have seen from my daughters are SOLELY there to make money. They use their kids to sell their own merch, and are constantly begging the audience to like, subscribe etc. This is a really good thing.


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