Woah Vicky tells all about her Fight with Bhad Bhabie (featuring Rico Recklezz)

Adam22, Lena and Rico Recklezz talk with Woah Vicky about her brawl with Woah Vicky and more

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  1. 1:22 – Rivo Reckless met Woa Vickys Grandma

    4:38 – Woa Vicky storytime about her friend having sex in the same room while she was sleeping

    6:58 – Epic fight between lil Tay and Woa Vicky

    9:53 – What did lilGotit think of the fight with Bhad Babie / Explaing the Fight

    15:15 – Rico Reckless drug usage

    16:32 – Woa Vicky is sober and doesnt do drugs

    19:17 – Woa Vicky doesnt know who Celina Powell is

    20:21 – What happened after the fight

    21:10 – Celina powell txts Adam during the podcast

    22:00 – Woa Vicky claims Adam tried to make her look bad

    25:29 – Celebrity boxing match between Woa Vicky and Bhad Babie

    29:24 – Rico Reckless collabing with Woa Vicky on a Baby

    30:20 – Woa Vicky is Single

    32:46 – Adam and Lena on having Kids

    38:00 – Rico Reckless finds out about No Jumper Kush

    39:50 – Bhad Babie stopped being friends with Adam

    41:30 – Woa Vickys youtube channel

    44:18 – Celina Powell claims Woa Vicly was thirtsy in Akademiks DMs

    47:19 – Woa Vicky only being in 3 fights ever

    49:13 – Tay600 claims Rico Reckless was lying about his Gas Station Gun story
    51:43 – Rico Reckless on having a baby with Blac China
    56:00 – Bhad Babie having relatiopnships with numerous rappers

  2. I have mixed feelings on this nonsense. That dr Phil trash bad toddler- I mean baby…..needs her ass beat. So I’m stoked she got ‘sum’ even tho it was weak as hell. But this Vicky whatever is sooooooo laughable with her ghetto speak. Give me a god damn break! Stop, you aren’t hood, and your baby hair thing is soooooooo stupid. Find yourself for real girl. But good job for beating on that piece of babyyyyyy.

  3. cant even listen to this.. Woah Vickey is so dumb it makes my brain literally hurt to listen. My IQ has probably dropped 20 points listening… Get a good guest next time Adam.

  4. She didn’t beat up anybody gimme a break. Laying on somebody and pulling their hair is not beating them up. What does Vicky do anyway!! At least BB does music.


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