Wiz Khalifa | Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson | Ep 28

Twitter is the new fan mail, the difference between hip hop in the 80s vs today, and the time Mike almost signed Missy Elliot heat up the box when rapper Wiz Khalifa comes to visit. Plus, does Wiz know about the Toad?

3:43 – Eben teaches us about Bronchodilators
6:16 – Twitter is the new fan mail
7:32 – Wiz’s Documentary – “Behind the Cam”
8:57 – Wiz Loves Bob Marley & Jimi Hendrix
9:35 – Mike almost signs Missy Elliot
14:40 – Difference between Hip Hop in the 80s
18:20 – Who Wiz wants to work with
19:12 – How Wiz feels about the haters
20:55 – Mike announces his new DJ career
24:46 – Amsterdam Weed is Wack
26:10 – Wiz’s Tour
28:40 – The first time Wiz met Snoop
31:15 – Wiz on Monogamy
34:58 – What Wiz learned from Mike
35:53 – Does Wiz know about the Toad?
38:23 – What did God make us for?


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  1. Se tu oggi grande Mike tornassi sul ring potresti diventare letteralmente " La leggenda"!!! La tua anima è pronta per questo nuovo capitolo… Perché onestamente oggi il Ring è calpestato da una manica di dilettanti!!! Niente di paragonabile alla tua tecnica vera!! Perché non Un ultimo Grande incontro per la cintura?? . Come George….

  2. shit if i was smoking with mike i would have to pull out a dab rig, lots of edibles, and bubblers ultimate hotbox with mike T. ( he seemed excited about edibles when i saw xzibit episode)


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