Will Cain: Kevin Durant would ‘look awful’ if Warriors lost to Rockets in WCF First Take ESPN

Will Cain joins First Take and argues that despite his efforts, Kevin Durant would “look awful” if the Golden State Warriors lost to the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference finals.

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  1. KD is the main reason they won Game 1 along with Klay Thompson's 28 points!!! The police need to put out a search for Steph Curry because he had sucked these 2 games vs the Rockets (especially Game #2) It's pretty obvious that KD is the best player on the Warriors and is keeping them afloat until Curry hopefilly finds his game again…

  2. Kd will be remembered as a good scorer. . kd don't have a legacy. He would if he did at with
    OKC .He didnt win anything until went to unstoppable team. They one 73 games before he got there and not after he did. He went to the team he was envious of and beat him.Good player /No legacy!

  3. The Warriors are not the better team, their bench is awful and looney wouldn't even come off the bench on most teams. I played 20 years overseas and I can tell you that looney would get cut the first week of practice. I gave criticized Magee in the past, but I never thought he wouldn't be playing at all. Steve kerr is going about this all wrong. Magee should start, and west should come off the bench, and looney shouldn't be near the the floor, he should be in a weight room.

  4. Will Cain said this series was over after game 1. And now after the Warriors lost game 2 he's saying "its just 1 game". He also said yesterday the Warriors would sweep the Rockets. Keep doubting Houston and watch them win this series

  5. stephen a really wants to protect KD from slander , this just shows Lebrons greatness, hes the first to scream NO EXCUSES !!!! lmao

  6. KD is doing his job ?????? in that star studded team ? ok ……then dont ever criticise Lebron who is literally playing with all bums

  7. It's funny how nobody is talking about that sorry bench the Warriors have, Steve kerr playing Robert parish son aka looney way to many minutes. He shouldn't get no time on any team.

  8. This matchup reminds me of the 02 west finals between lakers and kings. For some reason I thing Houston is gonna get the same treatment down the road, if u don’t know what happened look it up.

  9. Lol how though? Man kd scoring almost 40 a game and it'll make him look awful. That's on Steph and them. Kd is consistent so if you blame him that would be ridiculous

  10. I really hate the idea that women shouldn't speak on sports tv, and I think moderators entering the conversation can be fun sometimes like it worked for jay Crawford and cari champion but 3:58 is damning. If I'm tryna hear the arguments the moderator cant cut someone off like that to completely dead a convo and ask a question. I think molly gets a lot of shit but be better

  11. Relaxit was only 1 game. Do y'all really think pj Tucker and Eric Gordon are going to be able to repeat? What the same exact type of shooting on constant basis throughout this series? Hell no. Steph, Draymond, Klay, and igudala were off. Durant for the 2nd game in a row was on FIYA. I'm not drinking the Houston rockets Koolaid. Next 2 games are at The Oracle. I don't see the likes of pj Tucker or Eric Gordon repeating their game 2 performances.

  12. Will Cain is absolutely right. There's no reason the Warriors should lose this series. Earlier in the year, we were debating if Houston was even on the level of OKC.

  13. SAS thinks he knows everything bout basketball cause he's covered it so many yrs but most of his prediction's are always wrong an he never admits them to me he's just a loud mouth trash talking think he knows it all piece of shit no wonder why skip left his ass an got a lot funnier more knowledgeable partner a guy who actually played pro sports Shannon sharp an I don't like skip but love listening to Shannon he's what makes undisputed better than first take sorry that's just my opinion

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