Will Cain challenges Shaquille O’Neal’s comments on LeBron James | First Take | ESPN

Will Cain joins First Take and explains why he disagrees with Shaquille O’Neal’s comments surrounding LeBron James’ efforts to win another NBA championship.

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  1. One guy like Kobe can be a better basketball player than another like Shaq, although Shaq was more dominant. Kobe was clearly a much better all around basketball player than Shaq. But he couldn't be as dominant as Shaq because there were and always will be more competition at the guard position. Whereas, Shaq didn't have to compete against that many other good centers.

  2. I respect LeBron, thought his 2018 Eastern conf run was legendary. But Game 1 Finals, closed the goat debate for me, (I'm old enough to remember all of MJ and Kobe's Championship wins) Just can't imagine Kobe or MJ demoralizing his own team like that. LeBron is always framing the narrative, damn that shit gets tiring and old quickly.

  3. Kobe came into the league at 17. He was 21-23 when he 3peated w/ Shaq. Max, THOSE ARE NOT THE PRIME YEARS OF KOBE'S CAREER!!!

    Just another example of Max changing the narrative to make his point…

  4. Bulshit Shaquille O'Neal was never the best player in the NBA he was the most dominant Kobe Bryant became the best overall player in the NBA in 2001 clearly his skill set was Second To None League wide play making scoring defense rebounding there was no another player in the league that can do all of those things on his level the guy was the only guy that could ever keep prime 1999-2004 Allen Iverson from receiving the ball with his ball denial defense chasing him around screens as well as Reggie Miller do you really think LeBron James could Chase Allen Iverson or Reggie Miller around screens all game long and bussing for 25 and 30 points on 49 percent shooting helping on the borads while facilitating the offense and getting shaq the ball quick when he gets that intital deep post postion so shaq won't have to wait and risk a 3 second call???????wake up people!!!!!!for god sakes man alone that alone puts him in a Class by Himself….. And let's not forget the countless times that Shaq fouled out in Kobe had to save his ass.!!!!

  5. Honestly I don't see him coming west that would be an idiotic move to have to run thru the rockets and the warriors to get to the finals Bron was never ready for them fights he gonna stay in the east where it's easy to run thru team Philly seems like his best move or staying in Cleveland and make them go out for talent if Bron goes out west to the Lakers he will never reach the finals ever again

  6. Lebron was better then shaq and Kobe im done with this shit the media is sick, can someone tell me what makes lebron the best we ever seen dude suck at the free throw line, pushes off with elbows 90% of the time, to run a layup. Plays pg but want say he's a pg what an idiot just play the 1 like magic ,this dude sucks im over him. KD is better, I dont need max or sharpe to tell me this those guys dont know basketball,who needs one player to do all that shit he does then plays all them mins,swept his STUPID ass nobody's talking about this like when the Spurs swept his ass he want win another title unless he buys KD cause the dude lebron is mega paid & super rich.

  7. Shaq, kobe, jackson, and jordan high headed…is lebron big critics…they are all jealos of what lebron can do in hes age right now..coz hez always a beast…kobe and shaq in age 33… They are all injury prone…they could not do what king do…its a fact…im out!

  8. Mike had 6 because Magic had 5!?!? What!?!? Who ARE these people!? I’m really getting sick of non ball players talking about ball! All they do is exaggerate and project their thoughts and feelings into players. It’s sickening.

  9. Steph and KD will have greater legacies than both Shaq and Lebron when it's all said and done. Enjoy the Lebron narrative while you can. Steph and KD are coming.

  10. lebron is a better overall player then shaq.at this point of lebron career he's still one of the best players in the game.when it comes to primes im taking shaq over almost any player in history of the nba.the only i would take over a prime shaq is mj.shaq decline when he got in the later stages of his career.lebron is still playing at a high level.all shaq is saying he don't want lebron to ring chase like he did when he got out his prime.if i had to choose between a prime shaq or prime lebron im picking shaq.lebron is a better overall player though.

  11. Fml seriously. Why doesn't anyone take into context of what Shaq is saying. He means he doesn't need to ring chase as in form a super team like in Miami. He means he's already set in stone which sort of falls in line with what Kobe. Figure out a way. LeBron is in a no win situation because if he jumps again he'll look like a mercenary. Smh god the media.

  12. shaq thinks lebron is like him. But I'm sorry biggy the king is miles ahead of what you were. still being the best by far in the NBA lebron will definitely be chasing rings. No doubt.

  13. LeBron has never played with someone who was first team ALL NBA. D wade got 2nd once and Kyrie got 3rd. Jordan had a first team ALL NBA player and two dirt team Defensive players. Scottie was first team ALL NBA and all NBA defensive team almost every year they won championships and Rodman was all NBA Defense for the 2nd 3 peat. No one gonna mention that tho?

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