FightHype.com recently caught up with undefeated WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, who had a lot to say about his decision to turn down the opportunity to join Sky Sports as commentator for this weekend’s anticipated heavyweight unification showdown between IBF & WBA champion Anthony Joshua and WBO champion Joseph Parker. According to Wilder, promoter Eddie Hearn is fooling the public about Joshua’s desire to face him and he makes strong case that he’s being ducked. Check it out!


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  1. Do as Hearns says.
    Hearns is a powerful, rich, white man – and you will listen to his authority.
    Wilder is in denial about how the fight game works…….
    Wilder, you are merely a pawn…… your job is to step in the ring and take brain damage in order to make white executives and white CEO's filthy rich….
    Im sorry but that's how the real world works….. blacks don't get to call the shots in the real world….
    Us White People get blacks to do all the hard work, and then we come and steal the profit….

    Awwwww Yeaaaah…. #Trump2020

  2. Now i'm starting to wonder if Wilder really wants the fight FFS. In multiple interviews Eddie Hearn has asked Wilder to call him to make the fight. Wilder now has Eddie Hearn's phone number. Yet Wilder is refusing to call him. Im done with this fool.

  3. It's funny to see people comment on boxing shit, and dont know shit about the business. The B side dont make offers, they take offers. Wilder can offer whatever he wants, but that doesn't mean shit. The A side makes MOST of the decisions during the offer faze. So Eddie Hern saying Wilder needs to make an offer is bullshit, and he is blowing smoke up the fans asses.

  4. So you just admitted Eddie said give u a call. But you didn’t call? Yet you are the one who is trying so hard to fight Joshua? This guy talks so much shit it’s embarrassing

  5. The UK likes Wilder as well, his story with his daughter is great. He would be welcomed. Dont be scared Deontay, dont talk about killing people. We know you use that to pump yourself up. Be real you want that Joshua money that will get you knocked into the middle of next week. Be honest big chap.

  6. As an AJ fan if Joshua wins tonight we have to make the wilder fight, if Joshua fights povetkin/Miller in the us and wilder fights whyte in Uk that’s ok to build the fight. But the fight needs to be signed with wilder so we make sure that fight happens. After fight Joshua, Freddie and the Hearn needs to travel to the US to start to negotiate, it needs to happen now!

  7. Didn't finkle and di Bella yday say they would get back to matcroom on the latest offer received but still haven't told wilder about it ???? While he on all these little YouTube sites and radio shows instead of being at the biggest media day since may weather v McGregor to get the maximum publicity and put it on eddie and aj about the fight. Isn't that why he went to Joshua vs klitckho

  8. Nas vs Jay Z: Nas had a better diss track. Who is richer? Call me scared or a ducker, if I’m making money more than you, then all that shouldn’t bother me. Poor Beyoncé Wilder

  9. The interviewer is giggling like a teenage fanboy! Have some credibility and stay professional.
    Just tell your team to be proactive and get back in negotiation talks.
    Talk is cheap!

  10. Tell this coward to shut the fuck up, unless he has the guts to fight Whyte, tired out hearing this cowards name. How can anyone believe this moron to be able to beat Joshua when he's running scared from Whyte and $6m. That's more, than this cheatin would-be ever made

  11. Eddie Hearn wants to make money. This is the biggest fight in world boxing. No way he doesnt want to make this fight. Bumsquad building his own profile trash talking on AJ, Now hes backtracking and wants to defend his wbc belt with breazele or lesser opponents.

  12. why everybody worried about how much money Wilder can make? Why everyone worried about Wilder making an Offer when he is the 'B Side' as you all say when its AJ and his Team that needs to set the terms? Why yall worried about why he isnt 'Big' in america? what benefit is it to you to worry about the polotics and the business of boxing when it has nothing to do with you? Just focus on the fights. that is all i want to see. How they living,who kid hurt,who making more money,what type car boxers drive has nothing to do with me. i like to keep up with the news of boxing and who fighting that is it.
    i dont care what Wilder talking about definitely nor Eddie Hearn snake ass. I want to see the fight period. Be that as it may i am a Wilder Fan as Well as AJ Fan. i want to see fighters fight.

  13. Nah, you need a new promoter Brah! It’s an embarrassment how underwhelming your support is. Seriously man, sort it out. Your team is weak, make changes. You have to put way too much energy into promoting yourself, you’ll be mentally exhausted by the time the AJ fight comes around

  14. He threatened him with it but its really irrelevant you know wasup he scared of a ass whoopin i give up numbers are no problem thats why eddie wanna sign him or did u not kno about that either…

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