Whitney Cummings – H3 Podcast #158

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  1. i cant believe that i regularly tune in to listen to people talk about shitty buttholes and poop for 2 hours every week.
    not complaining at all. just refelective – XOXO Gossip Girl

  2. 46:11 oof I’m sad Hila felt the need to change her opinion. I don’t like how Ethan laughed when she said she felt like a scientist, dude chill. Kinda immature. She’s explaining the thought process that made her change her mind. I think if Hila felt a certain way she didn’t have to change her feelings towards it. I think its fine to click the link but jeez, leave poor Hila alone. A lot of the comments were calling her insecure and jealous.

  3. Whitney was a really great guest for this episode! I really liked the banter between all three of them and it was a great episode overall. I'm also glad she was able to provide insight into the arguments that Ethan and Hila were having the past couple episodes. :,)

  4. i'm so happy too see how much more hila has started to interact in the podcast this year. theodore, teddy fresh, her citizenship, coming out of her shell, etc. this has been one of my favorite times to watch hila be 🙂

  5. If I watch every second of every ad, and I don't skip after 5 seconds, does H3 make more money? Because if they DO make more money if I don't skip then I'll watch the entirety of all of their ads gladly. I just want to support H3 as much as I possibly can.


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