Visit the hotspots around Kensington Palace, Meghan Markle’s new home

Meghan Markle was born and raised in California but she is now a Londoner, having moved to London upon her engagement to Prince Harry last year.


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  1. Hello from England – you missed the Commonwealth Institute – which is right there – a bit further down the road on the right. That's important. I went there when I was a little girl for a Girl Guides Jamboree. It's nice – you should cover the Commonwealth a bit more – it's important. Thank you and best best regards and thank you for doing such a great job of covering the wedding. I met Harry when he was about 6 with his mum and brother when they came to Pinewood Studios for a day before they had to go back to school. I had to meet the cars at the gates on my bike and lead them to the Stable block – where I worked with Sir David Puttnam – apparently Harry liked my bike – his mum said. As you can tell, I am invested, as the whole world seems to be – which is great. I wish everyone a very happy viewing day tomorrow – it's going to be great. Thank you all – and visit us soon.

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