UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (5.16.18) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe, Joy Taylor | UNDISPUTED

Topics ► CAVS CRUMBLE (0:08)► PATRIOT WAY (23:57)►BOSTON GOONS (37:04) ► NBA DRAFT (46:47) ► DEZ ON GREEN BAY (56:03)

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe,
and moderated by Joy Taylor on FS1. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive,
passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (5.16.18) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe, Joy Taylor | UNDISPUTED



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  1. oh wow wow wow wow wow wow wow all you do Shadows job is wide where's your pacifier if you can't find your pacifier stick your thumb in your mouth everybody is tired of hearing you talk about bron bron bron bron your mouth and you go kick rocks man you get on my nerves he has not proven it yeah you can find fault with amanezco 40 to 10 and 12 because he didn't make nobody on his team better and you won't say he better than Kobe Bryant kick rocks

  2. Is everyone forgetting about Dont’a Hightower? Yeah, you know, the Linebacker from the Patriots who forced Matt Ryan’s fumble in the comeback SuperBowl win, he’s Mr. Clutch. They also didn’t have Edelman.

  3. Kobe Bryant thanks back to the movie Five Heartbeats how does it feel to be me Lebron know what it's like to be Kobe when he had to do everything and then you see you're still lost so kick rocks Shannon Sharpe barefooted

  4. What never gets mentioned is that in MJs era teams averaged about 15 pts less a game. So, let me think, MJ averaged 33 pts in the playoffs while making first team all-NBA…who is doing more for their team?

  5. Shannon Sharp 5-12-18 "It will be 1-0 Cavs"
    Shannon Sharp 5-14-18 "It will be 1-1 going back to Cleveland"
    Shannon Sharp 5-16-18 "It will be 2-2 going back to Boston"


  6. Just to compare MJ’s last Conference Finals Game 2 with this one from LBJ. Michael Jordan did carry the Bulls offense in Game 2 at the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals with 41 points, better shooting % (13/22) .591, just one 3P attempt (0/1), better FT% (15/18) .833, 4 steals and no turnovers. Sure LBJ had more rebounds (6) and more assists (7) and one block but he also had 6 turnovers. Triple doubles don’t give you wins, and for sure they don’t tell you much about defense. The other Bulls players scored 21 points for Pippen against the 22 points of Kevin Love, 16 points for Toni Kukoc against 11 of Kyle Korver, 7 points Harper against 8 of Thompson, 6 points Longley against 6 of Green and 6 points Wennington against 3 of Hill. The rest of the Bulls made 7 points (Rodman, Kerr & Burrell) against 2 points (Hood). Bulls final score was 104 points against the 94 points from this game by the Cavs. Everybody who has seen the Game 2 of the Pacers against the Bulls in 1998 knows how hard MJ played defense and he scored almost the same amount of points as LeBron James did, he had almost the same amount of help from Pippen, LeBron got from Love. Difference between the 1998 Bulls and the 2018 Cavs is the Bulls knew how to play defense and had proper ball movement. MJ made everybody around him better and expected nothing less. But he also never gave less than 100%. You can’t measure killer instinct or leadership, something MJ just had. Sorry Shannon but your statement that nobody had the same offensive workload and nobody could play so much offense and defense… well Jordan did that May 19, 1998 just to point out one game. Oh and I forgot, Jordan played 42 minutes, Pippen also played 42 minutes, 4 more than LBJ and 7 more minutes than Kevin Love. Shannon is cool but he lives in the moment and is on the LBJ hype train. #FACTS

  7. Are we just gonna act like Allen Iverson didn't take his team to the Finals with Eric Snow, Aaron McKee and Mutumbo. I'd say that's more offensive workload…js

  8. Like y’all said cavs need to be more physical, I was watching jaylen brown bully Kyle kover to the rim..no…. jaylen shouldn’t be bullying anyone to the rim

  9. Skip never answered Shannon's question. He keeps saying Jordan made first team defense but won't provide the ranking. All this dude does is talk in circles and hyperboles. If it wasn't for Shannon and guests, I would stop listening to this program. He's so whack.

  10. I think before the show ever started (as in 2016) Skip and Shannon got together and decided they would take sides. Shannon will be pro Lebron Skip anti-Lebron, Skip pro Cowboys Shannon anti-Cowboys, Skip pro Brady Shannon anti-Brady etc….. because it's not a very exciting show if they agree. I believe it's somewhat staged.

  11. Everyone is giving Bron the excuse that he's tired, and that's why he doesn't play defense. That's b.s. he doesn't play defense from the jump. Also there have been a plethora of players who have played defense in their 30's and went crazy offensively cough cough M.J and Kobe. I also don't want to hear that Bron does everything make an assist does not take much energy. Also look at the rebounds he's getting. They are not offensive rebounds. Most of his rebounds are right under the rim because he isn't contesting shots anymore. He is doing the exact same thing as Westbrook. We condemn Russ for playing like that but don't accuse Bron of stat stuffing.

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