UK Gamer MELTDOWN After Console is Lost (animated)

This guy had his new console extremely delayed in the mail, and LOSES IT when he finds out that it’s lost forever, and he isn’t getting a refund. Want more animations? Hit the LIKE button and send this vid to a friend!! Instagram: @OwnagePranks
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  1. This was one of my fav calls, so I was excited to try out this new animation style to add some visuals to the already hilarious audio. SOMEHOW despite censoring the vid is demonetized, but comment below with your fav part of the vid and share the link with your homies

  2. Maybe better audio-only and let your audiences' imagination 'draw' their own Buk Lau, Tyrone, and all characters, including people being pranked, instead of dictating all the appearances to them.
    Phone call pranks compared to candid cam ones, are more like novels instead of comic books.
    That was all said while still amazed by the animator's work on smooth movement flows, lively facial expressions, everything. Great job.

  3. This video is so funny xD It has Buk Lau getting pissed off, a very English guy losing his shit trying not to laugh, Buk Lau doing English accent parody, the English guy speaking "Asian" xD This is too good.


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