UFC Champion Cris Cyborg | Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson | Ep 37

Only the wisdom and strength of true champions can peel back the layers of our mistakes and triumphs to reveal who we really are. Grab a box of tissues and witness the amazing and generous spirit of Cris Cyborg on this Very Special Episode of Hotboxin’.

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  1. Mike! Everyday we get older therefore wiser. I dont know about the God thing, but life does seem to be a learning process. I dont know about the punishment thing also. Who punishes us but us. You have inspired thousands and thousands of people. THOUSANDS. In your youth and how you recover from shit in your life. This show your on now is inspiring. It make many of us happy just to see you happy dude. Do good things. Oh and Chris is pretty. Who knew. Just sayin.

  2. Mike just by admitting openly that you feel the pain of your mistakes you set a great example for so many people to humble themselves. So many people look up to you as "the" bad ass, and to now speak up, there can be no better example for millions to follow. You reached the ultimate physical fighter status to so many people and now they can see how you are a real human that feels just like we do, thank you for showing us how its done. So when we feel like being such a hard, cold individual we have an example from someone that we could never be as hard as, but we can see even you have a soul to answer to. I dont think you need to be forgiven, you are what you were meant to be to set the standard of tough guys to be real.

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