“Quick update guys, training’s going very well…training, sparring, everything is going way ahead of plan…really looking forward to June the 9th,” stated former unified heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, who recently took to social media to give his fans an update on his training for his hihgly-anticipated return to the ring. Check it out!


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  1. Tyson Fury is washed up. Nobody is checking for him. He's just another fighter trying to hold onto his career longer then what he needs and will most likely face a embarrassing loss causing heartbreak to all his fans still living in 2015. MARK THIS POST.

  2. fury is a highly technical operator and as long as he retains his stamina i think he beats joshua relatively easily over 12, wilders unorthodox style presents fury with the most problems

  3. Where the doubters at. Keep talking. Rockin with the proud Christian gypsy man big Tyson since his prospect days well before the klitschko fight. The man's a beast the man was a miracle baby. He's a freak the real deal. Never doubt this man. Greatest comeback since lazarus

  4. Couple of things I noticed that makes me think this is bs. First, why so many angles that don't show his full body. Mostly head shots, unless he is on the bike or standing around. Second, why is he able to talk and is not winded. Maybe he is not training hard? Third, no sweat. Maybe this should have been combined with the second point. Last, not many heavy weights lift weights and not show you what they lifting. The guy oops doughy and soft. Who is he hurting without strength? I think this guy should go back to partying and bullshitting. He is not even close to being ready for a match against a solid journeyman or top prospect. RIP Tyson Fury….

  5. Much respect for what you have gone through and getting yourself back in one sort of shape but man the time you’ve had away it’s highly unlikely your gonna get your belts back,, I’m not slating you mate you know me very well although I haven’t seen you for a while I live in the states now but born and raised in Pontypool South Wales I know all the race guys and gals and the rest from miles around.. I hope you can do it my fingers are crossed price all the doubters wrong aye.. all the best to you

  6. Its all well and good looking the part, but who are you fighting for your come back? Do they know they are fighting you in a couple of months? Or is it gonna be someone dumb enough to take the fight just for the kudos of saying I got battered by Tyson Fury…. Used to like Tyson but he has become a bit of a DIVA

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