Twitch Backstabs Ninja & Jeffrey Epstein – H3 Podcast #134

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  1. These guys' ignorance about native fish dying out the the rush being about the fish needing to lay their eggs etc is fucked up. They're spreading apathy and ignorance about a serious issue. But ha ha, species dying out is a gaff and a goof.

  2. Epstein's attorneys are powerful enough to get him some privacy, and he used it to die by suicide. Combined with the standard-issue correctional incompetence, its enough to get him the time he needed to die. I'm not saying there was no funny business (like Epstein straight up bribing someone to leave him alone), but the notion that this was a murder is so outlandish and feeding conspiracy theorists is dangerous.

  3. I hope big people within the fbi are not involved too, so they don't help to cover it up. It's not like that the fbi or cia never were involved in bad and secret conspiracy things in the past too.

  4. Why the fuck is he so confused about the fish tube? Like even I know what it's for and I know nothing about fish. And how can you know what a fish ladder is if your from America

  5. I been saying Bill Clinton a Pedo so I’m not surprised even the slightest that he was on the plane 27 times, same with Hilary this evidence been leaked mad long ago but the left just ignored it (as they do) if you asked me I’d say the Clintons made him disappear. How many of their associates have mysteriously vanished or died due to weird circumstances? Not even a conspiracist but if you have enough common sense it’s not hard to connect the dots


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