Trump vs. Twitter

Donald Trump held a ‘Social Media Summit’ at the White House, Republicans in Congress met with Administration Officials and are confident that the 2020 election will be secure from Russians, Mike Pence stopped by Vandenberg Air Force Base to talk about the Space Force, and a gubernatorial candidate in Mississippi is in the news after refusing to do an interview with a female reporter unless she was accompanied by a male colleague. Lucky for him, help is on the way thanks to a new product.

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Trump vs. Twitter

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  1. Russia!Russia!Russia! Russia!Russia!Russia! Russia!Russia!Russia! Russia!Russia!Russia!Russia!Russia!Russia! Russia!Russia!Russia!Russia!Russia!Russia! Russia!Russia!Russia!Russia!Russia!Russia! Russia!Russia!Russia! Trump won fair in squre you know it and he will win again.

  2. Thank you Trump.
    One thing you lefties should remember is that if Trump does not fix this, we will. And that will not be fun for you.
    The political censorship is so obvious that you have to lie to deny it. That is pathetic.

  3. Robert Foster & Mike Pence really do need to be chaperoned, in case they both end up alone in the same hotel room!

    Looks like the Chastit-He-Belt lacks room for accidental boners, and the ad says “female women”, so men with conservative values will still have trouble with “mouth-watering male women”.

  4. Trump proving yet again he has no class name calling on AOC. We all know they are scared of her and rightly so. Trump will continue to damage your country and take all he can for the next 6 years unless you lock him up first..Good luck USA the world is watching. AOC 2024 🙂

  5. O look trump can count – well maybe that is all he can do if it is money related.
    Trump so badly want to be the ruler of America for the rest of his life and the rest of the lives of his nasty offspring.
    How manly times has he told America like this – a cat would be a better president then trump. HANDS DOWN A CAT HAS MORE BRIANS AND A HIGHER IQ THEN TRUMP HAS OR EVER HAS.

  6. With the way things are going these days..where a woman can make a ridiculous false claim of sexual assault by a man and she is to be believed, this politician is right to have another person along on the travel other than 1 female reporter.

  7. As for the senator that didn't want to be with a female reporter on her own, that IS NOT weird, that is smart.
    In these days a woman only has to say a man did something to her, and it's not up to her to prove he did, rather, it's up to the man to prove he didn't.
    I dare say the media would have had a field day if he was to go out in his truck, alone, with this woman.
    Well done senetor. Don't give women even the opportunity to slander you. And if they don't like being told NO, then we have to wonder what her motives really were.

  8. Why don't you start focusing on the real issues that made Trump call these people (not trolls, but actual journalists), like Project Veritas' exposé on Google's wishes to manipulate the elections and the American people instead of a 10 seconds clip taken out of context? There are facts, you are just ignoring them.

  9. We have more important things to discuss, Flint still needs clean water. It’s like we are forgetting that Flint is in the USA! It’s not another country! We have kids still sitting in inhumane conditions in detention centers. We have US citizen that are going homeless and without food. Trust me when I say tweets are the least of our problems.

  10. The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES spends more time worrying about how many likes he gets than about anything that a President should be working on. Well – evil be my good! I think we should all go on a trolling campaign and unlike any posts Dipshit Don puts up about the kids in cages at the Southern border – maybe then he'll stop putting kids in cages?

  11. I m from india…people dont like trump cuz he says whats on his mind….yeah sometimes it comes out odd..but hey i wud take trump anyday of the week than these career politicians who wud say exactly what u wanna hear all d time….remember in 80s and 90s people used to love trump….same guy.


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