Transvel Mcguy feat. Francis Ellis & Yannis Pappas (Full Episode)

This week Andrew, Akaash, and Kaz discuss: being pro climate change, people faking trans, Mario Lopez stuck in a pickle, the flagrant thought of the week, and much more. INDULGE!!!

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  1. What's with the devil signs on picture of the video @Schulz and @Kaz? Don't tell me you have been turnt to the ilumanti as well.. if you don't believe me Google "3 eye hand ilumanti" on Google images.

  2. This was hilariously real! Schulz is an apologetically himself as as the rest! Surprised this doesn’t get more views but I kinda like that, not flooded with retards like my self..

  3. I'm white and I find it so fucking weird that white people have trouble calling black people black. Everyone acts like I said the n word outloud like stop being afraid


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