Top Texas High School Referee Suspended For Racist Comments

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Comment (0)

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!! Suspended??????? He should be FIRED!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, I could barely understand a lot of what he said. Steve the White Demon's accent is EVERYTHING! LOL

  2. Why can't the whites fight back and tell these people who call the whites racist to go back to their countries they came from.
    Whites should be proud that they were the ones who conquered America and later, because of their daring and innovation, they have given the world all the inventions and medicine and also the daring to challenge new frontiers. Will any country that has won a war and gained territory give it back to the losers? So the pioneering whites came and won America and nobody has the right to dispute that.

    An example is what is China doing in Tibet? Is India letting go Kashmir and areas captured by it? What is Russia doing with Ukraine? What were the blacks doing in Africa – fighting and killing based on tribes and usurping their lands and spoils.. what was Mohammed doing – killing and converting and capturing nations.. would they give back lands and territories belonging to Christians that they captured through violence? RIGHT..?

    Can the blacks, yellows and the browns describe anything that they contributed other than building on the achievements, innovations and the pioneering efforts of the so called 'racist' whites..?

    What have we the blacks, the browns and the yellows have sacrificed or contributed by way of imagination, hard work and money for the making of this modern world other than enjoying or building on the fruits of the daring and the pioneering work of the 'racist' whites without which these very blacks, browns or the yellows would not be where they are today?

    They are being utterly ungrateful and selfish.

    Resist these people who try their best to dominate you forgetting that their world is what it is today because of your sense of humanity in sharing your innovations and efforts.
    Maybe there are a miniscule few people on your side who were discriminating BUT then most of you were and are humanitarian too.

    Here, it may be noted that the good ones far outweighs the bad.

    A concerned Indian who is grateful to the whites for having given all of us a better world with their pioneering spirit.

  3. its stuff like this that makes me very weary when im near white people. I dont have a problem with them but you never know if they have a problem with you. shits sad


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