Tom Brady will not play for any other team besides the Patriots – Ryan Clark | First Take

While Will Cain lays out potential teams Tom Brady could play for in 2020, Ryan Clark shuts him down and says if 2019 is Brady’s last year with the New England Patriots then he will retire.
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  1. Brady will play 2 more yrs maybe 3 with pats. Pats are brilliant they are moving to a ground and pound offense when the rest of the league has drafted and built defenses around stopping the pass. Most LB in the league are smaller and quicker to handle coverage. Pats will exploit that and run the ball down teams throats. They gashed the rams !! Smaller LB’s can’t stop the run for 4 quarters

  2. Tom Brady is the only exception to Bill's philosophy in New England, because everyone knows that Tom has earned his place, earned his respect, and he deserves that respect from the Patriots to be able to finish his career in New England and retire as a Patriot at age 45 or over. That's how it has to be, that's what has to happen. He's the greatest ever and has helped build the greatest dynasty ever in sports.

    Dumb question to ask.

  3. 1. His son lives in New York. His mother is an actress. They film the show in New York as well. He probably wants to be closer to his son. And 2. He aint going anywhere.

  4. TB12 played 2018 at … $16 million.
    He’s signed up for $23 million in 2019.
    Show me another top tier QB who played played/will play for less than these numbers … plus $10 million.
    SCRUB QBs are getting more than this.

    TB gives the Pats about $8 – 10 million per year in reduced salary.
    BB is always evaluating “value vs cost”.
    TB12 may well be the BEST value vs. cost the NFL has ever seen.

    The one & only reason that BB would even consider trading TB is if TB’s performance dropped off significantly.
    It did NOT drop off in 2018, because the ONLY stat that both TB & BB care about is “Ws & Ls”.

    If TB can no longer get the Pats to the AFCCC game, BB will not have to trade or release him.
    TB will know (likely before BB) & will retire on his own.

  5. Why the hell does the lineup on here change daily? Take Stephen A back from his radio show and get the real show back. I know there’s nothing to talk about right now and it’s been the same six football questions over and over for two weeks but still.

  6. I honestly just don't know if I can continue to be a Patriots fan once Brady retires. I know that sounds crazy to so many people because people are die hard fans for certain teams no matter what. I live in Washington state, so I should be a Seahawks fan. I only root for the Patriots because Tom Brady was one of my favorite players other than Brett Favre as a kid. All the players that I grew up watching are gone. Tom Brady is the only one left from my child hood. Maybe this makes me a band wagon rider? I am more of a player fan than a team fan if that makes any sense.


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