TK Kirkland’s on Meek Mill’s Probation Violation: Follow the F**king Rules (Part 13)

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In this clip, TK Kirkland gave his take on Meek Mill’s incarceration and used his case to make a larger point about the criminal justice system. TK explained how probation has been prolonged and become more stringent in order to trap the offender. Any little mistake could lead to jail time and TK pointed out how Meek’s situation fit the bill to a T.

TK and DJ Vlad went on to discuss celebrity parents using their children for publicity and the potential fallout that comes from seeking attention through such means.


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  1. FINALLY!!!! Someone who makes fucking sense. People all over the world dickriding that criminal. I don't care if the judge told the nigga not to eat Philly cheese steaks as part of the probation process. Stop violating and get it over with and move on.

  2. Yup, I did one thing years ago and i got put on two years probation and I couldn’t even go to school until the probation ended. That one thing also followed me for years and made a life of normalcy very difficult.

  3. They gave Meek chance after chance and he kept fucking up then when they finally got tired of him and locked him up then they wanna claim injustice smh

  4. Tbh When I had probation for 3 years All I did was come every month for a year and was truthful and they really didn't bother me afterwards they tried getting $ off me too, but Philly judicial system from the group homes to the big house is alot of bs to much to explain here smfh….

  5. Thank you Vlad for speaking on DJ Khalid. I think that is child endangerment him bringing that baby out to adult events anything could pop off.  it's so Getto!

  6. My thoughts exactly. We know the system is racist, it wasn’t designed for us and these prosecutors and judges will fuck our lives over every chance they get. Why do young brothers continue to get in trouble? I’m tired of people in my age range not having self accountability. These evil motherfuckers have money & power, (unless you’re a rapper you might have money) but your ass doesn’t have the same power as them. No matter how rich or poor we are, we’re still Niggas in their eyes.

  7. 10 years on probation is excessive. Especially if you rich and make LEGAL money. Say what you want, but ive witnessed the fact that they give you probation/parole in the hopes that you fuck up. And popping a wheelie shouldn't mean 2 to 4 years in jail. Since its Meek Mill in jail, y'all happy. If anybody else was in this position, the whole discussion would sound different.

  8. Look at the reasons he has ever been arrested.. the fight at an airport which the guy started because Meek wouldn’t take a pic/sign an autograph?? The fact that even the initial reason he got arrested for has now been proven to be by a cop who was corrupt and is fired as a consequence shows that it’s all bullshit.. you people don’t know what it’s like to be targeted and definitely don’t know what it’s like in Philly with the cops

  9. I agree cause Meek got in trouble 5 times on paper and kept getting second chances. And then when he gets sent to prison everyone cries about injustice. Most people get one chance on paper then off to prison. So i don't feel bad for meek

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