TK Kirkland Says He Wishes Lil Kim Wouldn’t Have Gotten Plastic Surgery (Part 12)

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In this clip, TK Kirkland discussed the culture of plastic surgery today, particularly women enlarging their butts. TK said that he doesn’t really like fake butts, however, he admits that he’d take a fake one over something flat.
Later on, TK and DJ Vlad discuss Lil Kim’s dive into frequent plastic surgery procedures and mull over whether or not Nicki Minaj is headed down a similar path.


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  1. I wish none of the famous Kims would have never gotten plastic surgery. These chicks and others like them look like wierd puppets when you see them up close.

  2. Vlad shut your Russian hairy back insta-thot chasing ass up. Lil Kim changed her face every two months after the year 2000. Nicki face still look the same from when she came up in 2009. And Nicki isn't that much younger than Kim. Just admit that Kim had an identity crisis, there's a difference between getting a surgically enhanced body part and actually morphing into catwoman.

  3. Yeah o.g lil kim long gone, Hardcore cover timeless, phat cat looking like perfection smh but society aint giving a fuck brighter n lighter n thicker right.

  4. 1. I really wish Lil’ Kim knew how beautiful she was. She didn’t have to change anything about herself, but self hate is a hard issue to overcome. 2. TK and Godfrey are my favorite Vlad interviews!❤️

  5. Fake @$$ or Titts are A Fkn No Go!!! Getting hair removed isn't the same. Too many alterations to the face or botched surgeries are a No Go!!! If you get corrective surgery that's OK, but don't over do the ish and get the right doctors. Natural is Better!!!

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