TK Kirkland on Quincy Jones Saying Richard Pryor’s Gay: Quincy Must Be Gay (Part 4)

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TK Kirkland speaks on Quincy Jones’ controversial interview in which he revealed intimate details about legends including Richard Pryor and Marvin Gaye. During the interview, TK Kirkland says that Pyor admitted to having sex with a trans woman in his biography. He also alluded that Quincy Jones might be gay. Watch the full clip above.


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  1. I think the title of the book is called, 'Pryor Convictions and other Life Sentences'? Not sure if I spelled it right. Richard Pryor was before his time during his time and after his time. If you just listen to Richard Pryor's material, aside from the fame and media, he was really crying out for help… listen to the nervous laugh in between jokes; it's almost like he's saying, 'This is some sad sh**. ' Richard Pryor's gift in comedy was to make us see the intelligence of what was around us and how to understand that this is some sad sh**. Richard Pryor is the mirror, which is why he was funny. Me personally, I loved the material and intelligence behind what he said because he saw it and got it and he made us see and get it but when he tried to be funny it wasn't working. His natural state was 100% enjoyment for us, but for him, it is what he says it is.

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