TK Kirkland on James Prince’s Message to Birdman About Paying His Son (Part 10)

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Part 1:
In this clip, TK Kirkland and DJ Vlad discussed Birdman and his somewhat shady business dealings. The two talked about the longstanding tension between J Prince and Birdman over Prince’s son Jas Prince, not being compensated for bringing Drake to Cash Money/Young Money.

TK gave some insight into dealing with Birdman considering that he’s done business with him in the past. He also said that he believes Baby is sitting on over $100 million despite reports speculating otherwise.
To TK, Birdman uses things like losing the $12 million mansion as a tactic to make it seem like he’s not doing as well as he really is.


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  1. J prince isn't going to do shit to birdman. And his sons are living off there daddy's reputation. And there dad isn't a street dude he is A suit and people need to realize that.

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  3. Yeah that's different tk this is not street business cash money is a business they should pay not drake..and knowing Prince they want they money from birdman

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