TK Kirkland: If I’m Married I’ll Be Faithful or Pay All Bills, Not Both (Part 14)

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In this clip, TK Kirkland discussed the gendered double standard that is present in our society. He talked about the reaction that parents have when finding out their son is sexually active, particularly with an older woman, is the total opposite of how parents react to hearing their daughter is with an older man. TK said that he raised his kids on that same double standard but couldn’t answer why aside from that’s just how society is organized.

TK went on to discuss marriage, and why he’s never getting married. He did say that he would be faithful to someone. Adding that if he were to ever get married, he could be faithful or pay all the bills but he won’t do both.


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  1. Although them guys didn't want to admit it but they were raped. They were kids not knowing the full consequences having sex with grown adults would have. I don't think it's something to laugh about.

  2. It is a double standard…Rape is rape….Those were young boys and the women were rapist!!! Period!! The comedian was joking, but it has had negatively impacted his life….This is a serious problem…..and hidden plague that destroys!!!

  3. 3:08 i tried looking up my honors english teacher from highschool and i cant find the bitch now… damn… that was the only white woman i ever was attracted to lol being that i have only dated hispanics and dark black women lol

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