Tiny Jag on pulling out of Afrofuture Music festival for charging White People double

Tiny Jag is a rapper from Detroit who recently pulled out of Afrofuture Festival for their ticket pricing system. Non-POC had to pay more for tickets than POC, which Tiny Jag did not agree to because she is biracial, herself. She came through the studio to talk with Adam22 about pulling out of the festival and much more! Get to know her.

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  1. this girl represents everything/everyway the media should be! Major, major, major, one more lol, major props to her for that!!! Talking about how, even though she's not a fan of Trump, she's not gnna sit here and feed off of the hatred or anything of that nature (at least I'm pretty sure that is how I heard/understood it). Although I know this will not happen, the world we be str8 up on some epic shit if everyone could stick with their moral compass/code, and not just do what the crowd does/wants/says. She stuck to her guns, regardless of the loss of exposure n not giving a fuck about how anyone felt. Fucking crazy that any race should pay more or less than any other. I thought equality was the goal?? Either way, this girl is a model citizen within the community fr fr!

  2. That lyrical lemonade summer smash wasn’t downtown!!! That shit was in the hood in the west side of Chicago!!!! I never seen so many white people on that side of town!

  3. Tiny Jag Beautiful and intelligent and a strong women you can tell from this interview. She know her own mind . And stands by what she feels is right got to respect her for that . I haven't heard her music yet. but this interview had me listening to every word . going to check out her music .

  4. This is a just a fact I’m putting out there ….I’m from nyc and Jewish neighborhoods thought bk and queens hold festivals (food, music, networking etc) let’s just say they accept “donations “ but when you’re not hmmmm similar looking to them…..that donation becomes an entree fee….this is just my primary source. I see what she’s saying but she’s also biracial and is speaking from HER perspective. As full blooded person of color, I understand her standpoint on there should be equality. But when you’re not black you just won’t get it. Sad but true. But yeah charging extra cause the people are white is wrong…should’ve been free for poc and charge a donation to support the black community if you’re not part of it. It should be choice. That weeds out the people who want and support unity. And I’m out y’all s/o from Jamaica queens with love ❤️


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