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  1. well i will never get a lamborghini cause i live in Denmark and the taxes are shit so, deji please understand that you have made over 7 times as much as i will earn in a lifetime, your job is mentally harder but im sure that my job as a lumberjack or woodcutter or whatever its called is way more hard to my body than your job deji, the truth is you have to be wery f-ing lucky having made a youtube account some time ago , cause nowadays its mostly all the big youtubers that gets all the subs and not the small channels deji youre lucky im not , but yea sure of course im never going to get my dream car (a lambo) cause il have to live 7 times in the world as it is right now with my job to get it, but youre right, there will always be people under me and over me in cash. but my dream car will never come true tho still.

  2. Men, Deji. I first have to congratulate you on this Lambo. Don't mind where you are men, that's how the world is men where there a people with unclean thoughts. I feel that you should ignore and not respond or react to those kinds of comment because it draws you back. They reduce your chances of success, So, look at the grateful not the dead.

  3. totally agree, i feel if you have the time to actually post hate comments just because their doing well its just a clear sign how lifeless and pathetic people can be. btw huge fan deji!


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