The Tay600 Interview

Tay 600 came through the studio to talk growing up in Chicago, the rise of Chief Keef, and more

1:31 linking with polo g and finding him first

7:28 chief keef popping off while he was in the streets and having to grow up quick in Chicago

9:14 becoming a BD

11:53 catching a gun charge at 14

13:39 keef coming out and making Chicago famous and everyone blowing up

20:12 la capone

22:05 people being drawn to the violence in Chicago

24:18 everyone get caught up in 5 years ago gun case and not snitching

28:52 police trying to get him to snitch

31:14 rondo beef

34:32 having to cut dreads to fight

35:03 guit from being free and friends in jail

39:49 never going back to his block again

40:34 lil durk getting locked up and beef with Durk and VON beating a case

46:03 moving differently so he won’t go to jail

50:09 lil Reese getting jumped and breezy

54:18 69 snitching

1:00:44 rico reckless

1:05:37 whats next in music



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Comment (0)

  1. When your rap career is so shit you have to prove your innocence of not snitching to strangers on the internet. If he put half of the work of clearing his name into something better, he would be rich. The shit happened like 3 years ago player, cut it out.

  2. Adam: Tay REALLY telling sum shyt here Adam, not sure you really gettin the big picture! AND TAY you too REAL to not have lotta fuck-nigga-haters you certified bro.

  3. This the one time I'm sayin something about Adams interviewing. With him interviewing tay600 he shoulda researched L.A. Capone and talked about him without L.A. tay and 600 not really relevant and tay would say that himself


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