The Splash Brothers bought the Warriors time, not the series – Richard Jefferson | First Take

Richard Jefferson admires Steph Curry and Klay Thompson’s effort to overcome Kevin Durant’s Achilles injury and lead the Golden State Warriors to a Game 5 victory, but RJ still says it’s only a matter of time until the Toronto Raptors close out the series.
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  1. Max so thirsty to discredit steph. Draymond tipped a shot that may or may not even made it when klay and steph just tied the game and then took the Lead but you're focused on Draymond who fingertip blocked a guy shot who was 1 for 6 from 3 on the game that night anyway. Kawhi didnt close splash brothers did. Give them their respect. Sheesh.

  2. Kawhi won't panic Max Kellerman
    His teammates would in a game 7
    Their coach just panicked for crying out loud Max

    But STILL
    You can't say that had not that timeout been called they would've won

    We'll never ever know that
    And yes
    I agree
    Nick Nurse blew that in my opinion as well

  3. Boogie played well. So give him his due. I think Warriors will win game 6. Oh by the way, Ibaka has been to the finals with KD too, and he was guarding KD when KD went down. KD knew with him on him he couldn't just go up and shoot. He tried a move or 2 that busted his Achilles. As to vilifying the coach, Kawhi asked for the timeout. Nurse didn't just call it, boys.

  4. Yea it’s still over. Toronto can now readjust to the same dubs team they’ve prepared for all series and that’s press up on Klay and Steph from deep and attack their bigs offensively in pick and roll situations

  5. The key for Golden State winning is Draymond Green. Plain and simple. How many times this guy is left open and NEVER takes advantage of going in an offensive mode fcking makes me crazy. Take some chances to force the defense on you. When he is left open, the defense is allowed to double someone else because TORONTO knows that he aint shooting or going to drive. Draymond has to be more of an offensive presence to elevate the Warriors and give some breathing room for klay or steph. Draymond has only scored 20 or 21 points in TOTAL for the past two games. They need him more then ever.


  7. warriors are winning in 7….. warriors arent going to lose all home games in 1 sereies and wont lose their last game at oracle… and i think beating the warriors team in a game 7 (a game the warriors seen a lot) will not be easy

  8. With KD warriors are definitely a dynasty like those bulls, celtics and lakers but without kd just another realy good team with that being said im still going with the warriors to win the chip, its going to be a warzone until the end

  9. I'm rooting for the Warriors, but given their shorthanded squad, as well as the overall depth of the Raptors, I just don't the 3peat happening. Hats off to them for competing. Massive props to KD for risking his health to help the Warriors have a fighting chance. Raptors have zero excuse for dropping this series.

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