The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 299 | That Thang Right

On this episode, Joe shares his thoughts on Ari Lennox’s recent Twitter rant (13:20) and Summer Walker’s awkward acceptance speech (37:36). Also, Rory claims Lizzo is an industry plant (48:03), The Game’s album cover is TRASH (59:18), PartyNextDoor teases new music (66:15), a breakdown of Cardi B’s freestyle (89:00), Omarion is the man of the year (111:15) and MORE!

Sleeper Picks Joe: Amber Marks – “Love is Stronger Than Pride” Rory: Child – “Darling” Mal: Pardison Fontaine – “Too Late” Parks: David Bars – “A Star is Born”

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  1. 34:00 The irony of calling your last man a bitch, yet wanna complain about being too anxious to perform in front of people. These women really be on some ol' bullshit I swear lmfao! Wanna have every insecurity under the sun, and then turn around and expect perfection out of you…craaaaaaaazy.

  2. Not 24hrs Kaep let them know 10minutes prior to the workout happening. All 32 teams were there already. Then moved it a hour n 30 minutes away to a school where you would’ve had to have that in the works days before. Both sides are just being PETTY towards each other. Kaep looks nuts for the simple fact that HE and his reps are saying I WANT A JOB. Sorry but NOBODY can show up to ANY job n say “stop being scared tell them stop running” clearly trying to show the NFL up. It’s just pettiness and it has 0 to do with him getting back on a team at this point.


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