The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 296 | The Moral Ground

T.I. is taking it to the next level! He recently made headlines due to comments he made referring to his daughters hymen (21:35). Joe and the guys also discuss Kevin McCall’s drama (41:00), should men who cheat give their partner a “hall pass” (68:25), having sex with married women (84:20), Joe discovers what gaslighting is (115:10), and more!

Sleeper Picks Joe: Black Rob – “I Dare You” Rory: Lil Wayne – “La La La” Mal: Ras Kass – “I Love This Show” Parks: Shyheim & Big L – “Furious Anger”
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  1. I think joe be lowkey dissing my fav rap group city morgue group LOL don't wanna give them no type of exposure and just on saying "this new shit ain't for me" idk if its just me LOL but Joe u going to have to bring those guys up sooner or later!

  2. I'm a father that haven't seen or talk to my child in 6 months. For yall to touch the topic of fathers not being able to see they kids kinda help me cope. It's crazy society has to be this way.

  3. I move the same mal married women off limits that taints your future that’s between them and God I ain’t standing between that….and I’ll snitch on my man girl if she tryna throw Pussy


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