The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 294 | The Blanket Castle

This Saturday’s pod was executively produced by Mal. He starts off with asking the difference between babysitters within certain cultures (19:20). Mal also sparks the conversation of boundaries in a relationship (44:19), Joe’s theory on Fashionova (55:05), they revisit Joyner Lucas’s new song (105:00) and more!

Sleeper Picks

Joe: Memphis Bleek – “Like That” Rory: 50 Cent – “50 Bars” Mal: Littles The General – “Release Therapy 4” Parks: Dilated Peoples – “The Main Event”

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  1. WHAT ORIGINALLY brought me to the podcast was the fact that I could see me and my friends in Joe and Rory and Mal when they would kick it and talk shit. I definitely enjoyed the album break downs and slowly you guys started becoming more HEADLINE driven like Shade room and bossip. What kept your original fans was episodes like this. Shout out to Mal

  2. This episode was probably one of the most ehhhh and hell yeah ones they've had in a while and it wasn't the Mal topics that made it so. The Eminem and Joyner take was trash and mad corny. Joe sounds wayyyyy too much like a baiting pussy with the sly remarks about Em's verse, etc. Joe, we get that you have hate with Em, get over it. You sound way too corny and Rory does too.


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