The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 293 | Pink Pants

Somehow Joe found himself in the crosshairs of Air Fizzo (aka Lil Fizz) and the guys react [1:59]. They also talk Joyner Lucas and Eminem’s leaked snippet (30:27), Kanye’s “Jesus Is King” review (37:05), Summer Walker’s “wash bowl” (74:29), Russ restores the feeling (93:28), and a Power recap you don’t want to miss (124:50).

Sleeper Picks Joe: Teenear – “Dolla Signs” Rory: Caribou – “Home” Mal: Che Ecru – “That’s My Baby” Parks: Apollo Brown – “The Backbone”

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  1. I would describe the difference between popular and trendy as a pyramid. If Hip Hip is the example.

    Hip Hop is the top of the pyramid…. It's the most seen thing and it's the most popular
    The genres of music are the basis for trends within the popular thing; in this case Hip Hop
    The trends are the ideas/lyrics that people put in their songs; drugs, drug dealers, love, vices, etc.

    What is popular is usually the common denominator… Hip Hop music would be that denominator. The trends keep that popular thing running.

    Probably didn't make things any clearer, but… I wanted to try. Everyone have a blessed life. Appreciate you all.

  2. I fucking waited the whole week to hear joes take on Jesus is king and nothing, biggest lie of life that he didn’t listen to it fucking guy was wearing yeezys a couple months ago


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