The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 280 | Pagans

Its been a year on Spotify and the guys reflect on the milestone (18:18). Joe also looks for the guidelines to being a ‘trick’ (27:10). Also Mal opens up about being jaded (40:10), the BET Hip Hop awards (100:40) and more!

Sleeper Picks Joe: Nas – “Just A Moment” Rory: Sheek Louch – “Kiss Your A** Goodbye” Mal: Mobb Deep – “Still Shining” Parks: Half a Mill – “Quiet Money”

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  1. Mal might be off just a bit on a few examples but he is like 95% correct. Rory, Joe, parks, I fuck with you all and hope y’all read this. Everything you described is tricking. ESPECIALLY Rory’s example of flying a chick out with you. That is super tricking! The only thing that would make that not tricking, is if she bought her own plane ticket. That’s not tricking in the least, that’s playa af!

  2. Man leave Mal alone. Y’all ain’t no therapists. This ain’t the time to share traumatic experiences, esp with such hostile energy. That ain’t gon make him open up fr.

  3. I really wonder about Joe, Rory, Parks, and some of the people in these comments concerning "tricking". Nigga's dancing around the subject faster than Chris Brown, Usher, and Michael Jackson. It's not gender-specific but in this case, if a woman is giving you her attention, time, effort and "affection" because of what you bring to the table, then you are by definition a trick. People like Joe need to stop putting stipulations and conditions onto the situation. The amount matters not. I don't give a damn if its a penny! To be honest it doesn't even have to be money. I done seen chicks bust it open clout, food, and furniture.

  4. Mal is almost 40 years old and you can tell he has never been in a adult relationship with a woman, he is more than likely a serial dater and really has never just had a real relationship, because he honestly sounds immature and not prevalent to what being in a relationship is like

  5. Mal is right about tricking , they try to make him sound crazy but he wasn’t wrong . They kept moving the goal post & sound lame af . Yes it’s definitely tricking if you got it cos if I don’t I can’t continue to pay up


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