The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 278 | It’ll Never Be The Same

Shortly after sitting down with the JBP, Nicki Minaj announces her retirement. The guys reflect on her career and predicts whats next for Nicki (13:55). They also discuss Lloyd Banks (36:30), importance of the ending and beginning of rap verses (62:20), Kevin Hart’s car accident recap (70:25), Joe follows Gary Vee (91:34), Michael B. Jordan’s new movie (101:00), and an update on Mac Miller’s case (111:00)

Sleeper Picks Rory: Lloyd Banks – “Lamborghini Lloyd” Joe: Shyheim – “On and On” Mal: Wiz Khalifa – “The Bluff”
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  1. Some people dont want to go back..and some people dont have an option to go back… and me I had opportunities to start perpetual business..but if it comes with blood, trauma or abuse on my behalf…I am not with it

  2. Random probably un popular opinion but does anyone else find it weird that Lil nas X came out as gay and not bisexual because right after he came out as gay he had a female leading lady in his panini video. Just wondering just an observation


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