The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 277 | Didn’t Hear It Yet

On this episode the guys recap their Labor Day weekend (12:15). Rory also shares his Made In America experience (21:30), they talk Jay-Z’s latest comments (42:40), new music from SiR (60:40), Joe reneges Sabrina Claudio’s cancellation under one conditions (72:45) and Ariana Grande’s lawsuit against Forever 21 (98:32)

Sleeper Picks Joe: SiR – “That’s Why I Love You” Rory: Berhana – “Health Food” Mal: Shoreline Mafia – “Fell In Love Parks: Joell Ortiz – “Anxiety”

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  1. idk i feel what joe was saying about numbers but i feel like if we look at what an independents is doing and some of these smaller artists i mean tbh i dont listen to russ at all but he out here getting paid, noname, lil nas, and blueface. It is a different time where honestly an artist can sell less and make the same since do not have as many hands in the cookie jar that use to be needed or else you aint making it. Shit look at Rich brian popped out of nowhere from indo and he aint a commercial artists.


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