The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 276 | Here It Comes

The guys were joined by NBA superstar Damian Lillard. Dame came through to discuss his latest project, his thoughts on the next NBA season and the meaning behind his series ending playoff wave to Russell Westbrook (89:00). The guys also cover Pusha T and Lauryn Hill’s new song (17:23), Royce vs Lord Jamar (44:30) and much more!

Sleeper Picks Joe: Arrested Development – “People Everyday” Rory: Obie Trice – “The Set Up” Mal: Tupac – “Never Had A Friend Like Me” Parks: Ghostface – “Motherless Child”

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  1. Mal, you didn't say it's easier to put music out, you said it's easier to get On. And that was Already Proven False by Reason…but your Dumbass Still Keep Running with it. So STFU bruh

  2. Don't let the nasty convo at 40-49 mins distract you from the fact that Joe doesn't think anything is wrong with Making his Dog cum. Him and Kevin Gates ready have a dog train going on with they Kevin's cousins


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