The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 270 | Devastating

Rick Ross’s highly anticipated album, “Port of Miami 2” dropped and the guys give their thoughts on it (18:38). They also discuss Joe Biden’s comments on ‘poor kids’ (60:40), an update on Tyrese’s pettiness (70:50) and women being in their comfort zone (91:11).

Sleeper Picks

Joe: Xzibit – “The Foundation” Rory: AZ – “Wanna Be There” Mal: DMX -“Blackout” Parks: Sean Price – “Violent”
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  1. Mal is not Joes friend after listening to how nicki disrespected joe and Mal agreed with her. called joe bitter . said joe wont admit when hes wrong. was on her side completely. mal should be ashamed of himself. i know theyll laugh it off on 271 but thats not a funny situation. youre supposed to have your friends back. Rory did try but mal sounded like a coward like he was scared to go against anything she said because her man and his guys would pack them out. but sometimes you gotta take an ass whoopin in life. Mal is a sucker and when i think about it NEVER had Joes back. if they jumped joe mal wouldnt have done shit. joe gonna laugh it off but he should cut mal off on gp. self respect. mal riding joe wave but wont even defend him. fuck mal coward ass. NYC.

  2. I stopped watching long ago, when Joe copped a plea for Nipsey's "mentally ill" assassin.

    I see times MUST be getting hard if he is having an egotistical maniac like Nicki on the show. Let the butt kissing, back peddling, star struck extravaganza begin.

    And I know Mal didnt sleep a wink last night. He has his Barb tshirt AND underwear on for this one.


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