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The guys spark a few debates this episode, starting with which states have the best rappers (14:00) and a Rick Ross vs Game debate (69:55). They also discuss Drake’s “Care Package” release (23:24), Rick Ross’s tracklist and beef with 50 Cent (57:45), A$AP Rocky returns to the U.S. (107:20), Carmelo Anthony’s interview (136:48) and more!

Sleeper Picks Joe: Slaughterhouse – “Say Dat Then” Rory: The Game – “One Night” Mal: Rick Ross – “Cigar Music” Parks: The Clips – Intro (Lord Willin’)

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  1. talk about creepy dudes so um no one will mention puff and that 22 yr old..ak had one good point about you n ctg and old man ebro yall won't talk about yall homies even tho that's hypocritical of yall

  2. You guys need to talk about rich brian!!!! Don't sleep on the next asian wave which is gonna take over the next 10 years! I've been on SEasian hiphop and oxmoronic hiphop for almost a decade, and those are the two most relevant talking points today. Check me out for some alternative hip hop stuff!

  3. Ross Krispy Kreme, Game Dunkin’ Donuts. Game can do a lot of things, but Ross 1 thing can stand-alone. Also ross never missed on a feature, game debatable

  4. I got Game over Ross any day. Mal is biased he loves Ross so not surprised. Game has so much good music, his rapping ability is definitely better. Game is versatile and diverse and Ross definitely is 2D. Not saying he doesn’t rap well but nah not over Game.


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