The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 260 | Mermaid Gate

Joe, Rory and Mal start off this episode by recapping their time spent together for the 4th of July (6:38). They also discuss the growth of Dreamville and J.Cole (25:55), Daniel Caesar’s album sales (52:49), A$AP Rocky’s fight in Sweden (58:56), Mermaid and Blue Bell-Gate
(71:41) and much more!

Sleeper Picks Joe: D.O.C. – “The Formula” Rory: Fat Joe – “Fire Water” Mal: Memphis Bleek – “We Ballin'” Parks – Busta Rhymes – “The Game Room”

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  1. Yeah yall love white people. It's not like you guilt rory and parks into saying sorry for their skin color keeping you in poverty every episode. Not that it's hard to guilt parks. Dude gets off to his guilt

  2. The issue of the Mermaid thing is not about voice over it's about the live action depiction of a well established character, Ariel, being race changed by Hollywood and not depicted as the original character.

  3. This game was a wild one. A high scoring battle with Joe coming out the gates with a free quick buckets. Then get exposed on defense by the mixxy boys 1,2 punch. Parks missed a few ones early but impacted the game in other ways with 10 pts 12 assists and 13 rebounds. The mixxy boys lead the scoring with 22, 8 and 5 for Mal and 27, 4, and 6 for Mr. Mcnasty.
    Joe comes in with a cool double double 19 pts and 11 rebounds.
    Savon of the bench with 0 pts 0 assists, and 1 rebound. (Still on the trading block looking for a second rounder in return).
    Popular opinion Dad Hat sniper vibes deluxe Joe >>>>> Hoodie Melo.

  4. funny how no one said anything while Obama was running the same exact detention centers for illegals but only since trump became president the corporate media made it a problem now

  5. J. Cole is doing what he expected Jayz to do for him – but didn't. So he's putting the energy in for those other artist he's helping to bring up. It's not just a money flip.


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