The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 255 | Double Or Nothing

On this episode before the guys take a small vacation, they discuss DJ Khaled suing Billboard (26:10). They also discuss the impact of touring (38:40), Joe ask the guys how much they trust their friends and/or partners (105:00), Fathers Day and much more!

We’ll be back on June 22nd!

Intro: Eric Benet & Faith Evans – “Georgy Porgy” Intro #2: Montell Jordan Feat. LL Cool J – “Get It On Tonite (Remix)” Sleeper Picks Joe: Kiana Lede – “If You Hate Me” Rory: Marco McKinnis – “Deep” Mal: Kiing Shooter – “Game Time” Parks: Che Noir – “Fall of Rome”

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  1. People who are amazed or can't believe Russ success are the ones who pay only attention to the traditional music industry. Russ basically paved the way of new age artist's and showed how easy it is to just buy a mic and audio interface, watch tutorials on youtube and just consistently give out new projects while owning 100% of your music. These jewels and Rolls Royces flashing artists only get maybe 10 % of their work, so Russ literally earns 10 times more with the same numbers from than the regular artist. Also, he is smart by touring most of the time globally, the world is bigger and more loyal outside of the US.

  2. I learned a long time ago, the reason women suck at buying men gifts is because there's a big difference between what men often like and the sht women would like to buy for us.

  3. Once mal lost that 100 that's gone, done its not his money. 2nd bet is 100 D.o.n. that means if i win that's an additional 200. How are you betting money that isn't yours. That 100 is mine. Joe and Parks are right. If the bets are 100 and joe wins twice its 200. But y'all saying add a double or nothing clause and he STILL only gets 200. So like he said why would that make sense?


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