The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 254 | You Got It

On this episode, Joe, Rory, Mal and Parks discuss Barack and Michelle Obama exclusively joining Spotify (8:20). They also discuss DJ Khaled hating on Tyler the Creator (27:45), Chris Brown and Drake’s new song (50:20), T.I. checks TMZ (75:35) Joe addresses Future (82:40)and the Bey Hive (119:10) and much more!

Sleeper Picks Joe: Tamia – “Officially Missing You” Rory: Redman – “Can’t Wait” Mal: Joel Ortiz – “Caught Up” Parks: N.O.R.E – “Mathematics”

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  1. Hmmm let see:

    Tyler the Creator new album is one of the best Hip Hop albums this past 10 years, and Tyler is probably cementing his career as this generation's J. Dilla and Pharrell..

    DJ Khaled had just a 3 dope tracks in a new album that honestly was just ok and pretty forgettable…..

    Khaled if you mad then work better on your craft period…… and stop being so corny with your rants! Lol!!

  2. Savon needs to start putting accurate time stamps for the YouTube video cause it’s always wrong. They cut the intro music and sleepers and the description is just copied and pasted from the Spotify description.

  3. DJ Khaled has been using the same formula for ever, he go and get the top artist and put them on a 16 track record and think because he got all A listers it's a go. Straight up, he's a culture vulture and he hated on that young Black man that has GENUINE success, and a legit fan base! Weirdo or not!


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