The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 253 | Say Less

The guys finalize the tour and give a recap of their set at the Roots Picnic (11:00) and on Summer Jam (28:18). They also discuss Jay-Z being the first Hip Hop billionaire (47:35), new music, Mal questions Wale’s management (77:33), and Mal’s DY review (118:20). Intro Song: Stephanie Mills – “Feel The Fire” Sleeper Picks Joe: Jovanie – “No Title” Rory: Jeremy Jones – “Road” Mal: Drama – “In and Out” Parks: Denzel Curry – “Carolmart”

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  1. I am soo HAPPY that Mal brought that "when is a white person going to slip the n-word" convo up. Because I think alot of niggas let their white friends slide but I still feel uncomfortable about it because RACISM STILL EXISTS and I rather keep making lightskins feel bad about it until we get some unity or equality. This convo topic is great for the culture.


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