The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 159 | “Cleared”

This week, Joe had a lot to get off of his chest. He, Rory and Mal begin with Kanye’s latest antics, Joe questions why no other prominent media personality challenges Kanye but instead gives him a pass for his behaviour (6:53). He also addresses Rosenberg’s Twitter comments regarding the podcast (35:13). Also, J.Cole dropped his latest album “KOD” and the guys decide he may be the most difficult rapper to judge and Joe also compares J.Cole to himself (46:13). And lastly, former member of Slaughterhouse, Crooked I, announced his departure from the rap group and Joe speaks on it (1:06:10).

Sleeper Picks of The Week:

Khalid (feat. Ty Dolla $ign and 6lack) – “OTW” |

JMSN – “So Badly” |

NBDY – “Used To” |

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  1. 0:46 joes theory on the intro songs
    3:12 intro/ hows everybody doing
    3:47 lack of south representation on the podcast
    4:54 Joe crying about his family fued answer
    6:55 kanye talk/ cyhi the prince tweets
    20:39 is kayne tryna get accepted by white people
    22:00 Are the Kanye produced albums droppin?
    26:30 Kanye hanging out with charlamagne
    30:20 Kanye dropping an album in the same month as drake
    33:30 Remy got a new record/ album dropping
    35:32 New Joe Budden series "Pull Up"
    36:34 Peter Rosenberg tweets response from Twitter throwing shade/ Joe Budden response
    46:14 J Cole album talk
    53:33 great rap voices
    54:38 yung thug ft Nicki Minaj record
    58:50 more j Cole talk
    1:02:24 coles 1985 diss record towards lil pump
    1:06:12 Crooked I is no longer in slaughterhouse
    1:16:13 waffle house shooting
    1:17:29 Netflix canceling shows (7 seconds)
    1:19:15 venom trailer/ infinity war talk
    1:26:15 why all the media staying silent on the fabolous situation
    1:28:27 jorja Smith is bae
    1:30:50 pumalenciaga
    1:32:30 ghost (Some Twitter nigga) story about how he finessed a shorty out of $75
    1:52:25 basketball / sports
    1:59:08 NFL draft talk
    2:01:16 sleepers

    Sub to the boii

  2. Man. I fuck with joe. Im disappointed. His brilliant conspiratorial mind.. You dont have to agree with everything she says, but candace owens has some great points (not counting clickbait)

    We've been played for suckers…myself included. Yall notice how everyone tends to think the exact same thing?

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