The Guapdad 4000 Interview

Watch the full Guapdad 4000 interview!!

0:20 being into battle rap
0:50 getting waves
3:50 growing up in and him making a mimosa
9:05 twitter
9:24 traveling the world at a young age
11:50 / getting into rap after throwing project xparties
15:39 getting into scamming
19:03 becoming a bigger rapper after losing 40k in bitcoin
23:26 how he deals with girls
26:34 first viral video
29:37 getting out of his box
30:57 meeting KD at drake party and meeting Buddy
38:59 becoming friends with drake
49:09 scamming drake into pulling up to a party
51:51 betting on drake and raptors game
55:08 lilb
1:00:47 finessing chance the rapper for a feature v nasty Keyshawn lil Debbie and Riley reed and white girls saying the N word
1:07:38 whats next for gupadad
1:17:46 discussion of racism



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Comment (0)

  1. I think dude is one of the rappers that are next up fr!!! His voice has a unique sound plus he's got a unique in a good way personality and the folks inside of the hip hop game are gonna love all that about him!!!

  2. hhaha funnist shit u gota release dem demons
    n once you fully exorcise the spirit of hennesy
    the henny god will bless u with a respawn
    n now you got plus 1

  3. Adam always tries so desperately to be down so he can pretend to know what ppl are talking to him about better than his phony nods do…..AND HE'S NEVER SEEN 'THE WIRE' !!!…How can you be his age and trying to be street ,rinsing money out of the culture ect ect…. But ain't even watched to greatest drama ever made on TV that is the most realistic 'street' fable ever…He has probably never heard ' It takes a nation of millions to hold us back ! ' or mixed with vinyl


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