The Blaire White Interview

Trans YouTube star Blaire White came through the studio to speak with Adam22 on the LGBTQ community, politics, and much more!



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  1. At the end of the day this person is a biological dude. Some might find "her" attractive but at the end of the day this person is a biological man.

    By that logic, I can dress as a chicken get surgical implantation that's necessary in order for me to have some features as a chicken & I can then officially identity as such.

    & no I'm not transphobic, it's science. As to date, there is no such thing as a "homosexual or transexual gene" & there never will be since homosexuality/transgenderism is something that has to do with the psychological mind not biology.

    My respects to homosexuals & transgenders but don't try to push on an ideology based on some eccentric feelings.

  2. These comments really show the level of maturity between blaires fans and no jumper fans . Seems like all of no jumpers commenter are a bunch 12 year olds who have to comment the fact that Blaire has a dick

  3. When he mentioned the word grifter, I knew he was talking about Tim Pool.
    I have never been on this channel & clicked because of Blair White, so I dont know "No Jumper"
    … but aaaanydizzle, a lot of people are calling Tim Pool a grifter lately.
    Maybe because it's getting hard to watch a guy calling out the left all the time & still voting for them.

  4. "Dawn of a Rose" has also spoken about Jessica Yaniv, she is a trans woman from the UK.
    And I saw another trans woman with short hair… forgot the name.
    And two older canadian trans women.
    One's name was Elle, the other appeared on The Rebel.


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