The Biggest Fail In YouTube History – H3 Podcast #133

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  1. Honestly, I feel you didn't cover Neil's tweet well at all. The shootings are bad, but there are so many other issues that deserve attention. 17:57 "Why should random horrific mass shootings be even comparable to the flu?" Because a life is equal to a life. Therefor 300 lives, are a greater loss than a few deaths from mass shootings (daily average).The way you worded what you said made it sound like lives aren't equal to each other. Yes, the ways they died are different, but in the end, people died. That is the outcome. Imagine telling a kid who's dad died of suicide that "suicide isn't as much of a problem compared to shootings." Hila said the problem is it feels like no one is doing anything against mass shootings? I highly disagree, why is mass shootings the main topic in media and the news now. People are clearly working on a solution to help with the issue. 18:36 "well Neil is saying it's (Mass shootings) is not an issue. No he never said that. Dan understood what Neil said and explained it better. The emotional attachment is different. Idk, you're just calling him an imbecile over and over and it doesn't seem like you're getting anywhere. Anyways, love the podcast and love H3H3, great moves, keep it up (for the most part)

  2. Those people who he listed didn’t die as a consequence of someone’s malicious intent (with the exception of homicides). I do get what he was saying. I truly do. I just think his timing was off and his tweet was a bit too mechanical.

  3. all of the things youve bitched about from Fox happens 10 fold from the lefts media. Fox gives conservatives such a bad rep and to assume we all think the same as those idiots is super annoying pop

  4. I feel like you guys kinda proved Neil's point for him. Should he have been more sensitive? Absolutely. Hes not wrong though. People are emotional. Theres nothing wrong with it but it is what it is.

  5. the country has over 330 million of people. what are the chances you’ll find at least 10 sick people in that group that could shoot other people? stop being political cause it’s like with those tweets you wanted to do 'live' on the podcast – it’s weak and you didn’t think it through and just want to be with the cool trump-bashing crowd. all it’s doing is making the yang gang look dumb if there’s more people like that within that group. just shhhhhush.

  6. Screw politics, both sides of the media lie, liberals and conservative, sure fox has agenda, but cnn and the others literally lie and twist words, screw media and do your own research

  7. Neil didn't say it wasn't an issue, he didn't say you shouldn't get upset, that tweet was not bad, it wasn't political and you're saying it feels like it's right wing? Ethan the sensitive little snowflake strikes again by taking things out of context and being dumb as fuck

  8. all I have to say about the mass shooting thing even if you took away all the guns then we're just going to pick up knives look at Europe even if you did try to take away the military style rifle which is just cosmedix whos going to do it where are they going to find them it will take 30 plus years to get half of them tout of the country you don't know what the f*** you're talking about and I've done a firearm purchase over 50 times in my life and not one single damn time have I ever not been background check and it had to fill out a long-ass form and send it off and wait like an hour to see and if anything suspicious comes up they put you on hold which I have been before for two weeks and they do a thorough background check and look at your internet history and your work history and a much more thorough 2 search and about the Republicans blocking people with mental health disorders from getting guns it's just all the word game the way the bill is set up you Ethan with tourette's you'll be disqualified from owning a gun cuz you have a mental health condition that's why it was turned down any mental health condition with a disqualified you and if you were on disability you would have been disqualified from owning a firearm that's basically taken away your second amendment right witch this country cannot do and the bill was to a past any doctor could say all this man has any mental illness and then a doctor has the power to take away one of your constitutional rights in America i mean would you be okay with someone else having that much power over you when we already have so many who do

  9. The worst case of animal abuse being uploaded to YouTube is peluchin entertainment. The little motherfucker stomped on his cat and beat it to death then later adopted two kittens, and also abused them. All uploaded to YouTube. His channel hasn't been deleted.

  10. Neal is trying to put in perspective, be rational and not let emotions control judgement but that makes him dumb? Not connecting those dots. Protect the constitution!! That is paramount. No gun restrictions.

  11. the walmart shooting was a handgun with a modified clip. just like you shouldn't be decieved by fox, the nra or Trump, you shouldn't allow the 'other side' to compell you into forfeiting your rights.

    Let's talk about the media's disgusting discourse that's been rallying extremists into action for the last 4 years. Let's talk about the extreme left who's violence and rhetoric has gone unpunished and been promoted every. single. day. -With support from currently standing far-left politicians and reporters who ENCOURAGE the violence; who DEMAND this sort of escalation.

    You know what the deep state wants -you've spoken about it yourself. DO NOT allow them to distract you.

  12. 18:22 SHUTHEFUKUP Smoke Degrass Tyson. Nah but on the real he is a very intelligent and usually down to Earth guy. I believe he interprets the fact that there's more talk than fixing as annoying

  13. on one hand i got bored as fuck in the first hour and a half because im not american and i dont give a shit about it

    on the other hand the last half hour got me in tears like no other h3 podcast episode ever has, especially the ian peeing sound file


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