The Best Venmo Commercial Ever (Full Episode)

This week Andrew, Akaash, and Kaz discuss: Disney taking over streaming, Andrew feeling bad for Muslim women in the NYC heat, a comedy world controversy, a review of the Lion King reboot, Pacman VS Thurman, Zebras aren’t real, the Flagrant thoughts of the week, and much more. INDULGE!!!

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  1. I want to start by saying I was not a fan of XXX however, I could not agree less with Andrew. The joke wasnt executed well the tone of the joke when she says"Is anyone still mourning XXXtentacion?" If the joke was executed well then I dont think as many people would be upset.

  2. Kaz and Akaash just dont have it. Kaz is bland and unfunny and Akaash is always mad.. and i think part of it is that hes been brainwashed to hate white people even thought he wants to be one more than anything

  3. I said before u are one of the last true comics and now that u have said u offered to pay security for another comedian because of a joke you good sir are true fan of comedy also

  4. Schultz your thinking on outrage is erroneous. You say these people are outraged because they have no purpose since they lost religion (without acknowledging you lost religion as well btw). Then you say to Alexx, "You and I have purpose, we created it in our career. Ok. We want to take on the biggest fucking networks in the world just me, you and a couple other people out here creating content daily changing the fucking game. We created purpose." But you subsequently characterize a feminist, advocates, etc as only having outrage. By your definition couldn't the feminist say she has purpose in changing the male-female dynamic in the world and thereby change the fucking game? The same idea would apply to a PETA advocate.

    The problem is you see other people speaking up and engaging in conversation related to their perceived purpose as "outrage", whereas you see yourself speaking up as simply advocating for a "purpose". This shows outrage is simply in the eye of the beholder and outrage is determined by your particular sensitivities to a topic. If you don't care about pets then you aren't outraged about a gorilla being killed. If you don't care about jokes harming feelings or being inappropriate then you aren't outraged at a bad one.

  5. Americans too fat to fit in any of the superheroes suits.
    Headline: fat man crushed in iron man suit. Spectators said it looked like a human fruit press!

  6. just get a fire stick, I have Hulu Netflix and prime all for free and all movies past and currently in theaters as well all for free! Now I just have to find a plug-in for live tv so I can watch PPV and DAZN for free too!

  7. Dam Andrew, go buy yourself a portable a/c for a few hundred and enjoy. 110 volts that will plug into the wall next to you and put it under the table to cancel the low noise but your boys will be cooled off..

  8. The problem with comedy is that its broadcasted. The people in the audience know what they're in for usually and if they don't , its maybe a couple people who are offended. But if comedians want to take off in this climate, the price will be to play by this climate's rules. It suck but people just soft today. Cant do anything about it

  9. Everybody that is hating Miss Hashem or anybody hating on XXXTENTACION are retarded or wrong. The joke was fine and the same damn kid that was an artist would have laughed at that shit.

    You all STOOPID.


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