The Best BBQ Meat | Great Taste

The SquADD discusses their all-time favorite BBQ Meat. Which BBQ Meat is the best? Comment below!

SquADD Reacts:

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Starring: Meg Scoop, Tahir Moore, Precious Hall, Patrick Cloud, Doboy, KevOnStage
Producer: Denzel Lee
Director: Patrick Cloud
Director of Photography: Carlos Medina
Camera Operator: George Ellett
Sound Mixer: Paul Gonzales
Post Supervisor: John Norris
Editor: Chris Russell


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  1. chicken is the best meat in general so why is this even a question lol whenever you ask "which meat is best blank" the answer is always chicken.
    so CHICKEN! tough im not big on bbq, another american thing over rated. not with the smokiness. just get some bbq sauce (honey bbq of course with some agave and sriracha) and dip my baked chicken in. BAM!

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