Teyana Taylor On The Length Of K.T.S.E | Pull Up

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  1. It’s insane how great ‘gonna love me’ is. Play that joint all the time. It must be wild being in a profession where you have made all this music but your base only knows a handful due to management. I don’t get how they don’t end up just paying unreleased tracks when they frustrated.

  2. Man… Y'all gas up each other too much just because someone are who they are. Solange album is boring and very disappointing. I don't know where someone thought it was fire. I wished it was fire.

  3. I knew the album was going to be suspect when she was on the breakfast club saying the music was with Kanye and she was waiting on him. I was like why weren’t you with him. She gave her power to Kanye thinking he was gonna sprinkle his “genius” on it. She needs a label that listens and understands who she is. She sooooooooo deserves better.


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