Terrifying Deadly Surprise Snake Fakeout | Rahat's Terror Traps

Some friendly neighborhood movers are about to get the pants scared off of them when a man-eating snake shows up in someone’s house. See this and more on Rahat’s Terror Traps, now on the LOL Network. SUBSCRIBE▶︎http://bit.ly/SubscribeLOL

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  1. what is up with all these fake pranks camera guys cameras on the wall in plain sight not even tried to hide them even in editing and studio lights did the ppl that got "panked" also get makeup before the shoot?

  2. It's crazy Rahat hasn't posted on his own YouTube channel in over one year but his posting on a another person YouTube channel he from employer to a employee he now has a boss.

  3. Yea yea another FAKE PRANK. Yea yea those people DID NOT notice the camera. Yea yea IT'S NOT SUSPICIOUS at all coming to someone's house with cameras pointed at them all the time. DISLIKE


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