FightHype.com was on hand at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada where undefeated multi-division world champion Terence Crawford and WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn held the final press conference ahead of their upcoming showdown. Check out what all the fighters had to say as they spoke to the media in attendance.


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  1. Jeff Horn, in order to beat Crawford, he needs to fight raw fight hoping for a knock out punch. If Jeff fights smart, he will not win because Crawford is too skillful and a smart fighter. Jeff needs to fight like he fought Pacquiao. If it is based only on the score, Crawford will win, but if Jeff fought rough and had a lucky punch, he will beat Crawford. So, I advise Jeff to fight rough and push hard like how he had fought Pacquiao. If Jeff do that, 80% chance, he will land that one lucky punch on the chin of Crawford and win the title.

  2. Welcome to welterweight make sure your power can knock a big guy. Remember all your victim is smaller than you btw its going to be a nice fight to watch.

  3. Crawford’s bright he feels Thurman can beat Spence he feels he beats both of them I’ve seen plenty interviews of him saying so but I can tell hes more sure of himself against Spence compared to Thurman whom keeps adding to his arsenal on the low in the Mid East or whatever the guy has going on

  4. Horn must use weight by laying on Crawford and holding him from time to time. Make Crawford have to push weight off of him to create distance and angles. Make sure not to let Crawford use his footwork. Plus, Horn needs to attack the body consistently for the entire fight. Then, in the later rounds, Crawford will.have less power. Hopefully, horn will maintain his power and weight advantage and the later rounds could be his. But, if Crawford controls the distance, the fight will be easy for him.

  5. Terrence Crawford i like him as a fighter but people need to stop acting likes its pacs fought fighters cant take his power and awkward angles so they grab him pac beat floyd it was a good fight but pac won all horn really did was head but at times caught pac in the body but pac whooped that boy Crawford stop acting like floyd won and all boxers need to tell the truth knuckles is how you score the fight pac needs a knockout then really call out floyd and beat his ass

  6. This cunt is all with the warnings and shit talk, see what happens when you face someone bigger stronger and more humble than you. This fuckers in for a surprise hahah hes gonna get his day lights rocked

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